About Us

Minaye Flowers PLC is a family owned and operated grower, exporter and distributor of premium quality range of fresh cut flowers (Roses). We have been growing roses since 2004. We are located in Bishoftu(Debrezeit), and Awash Melka, Ethiopia at an altitude of 1950 and 2050 meters above sea level respectively. This prime location gives us an advantage to grow high quality roses and higher yield.

We deliver to a variety of markets with focus on distributors and wholesale suppliers. We employ over 700 people and have a production that covers nearly 30 Hectares on different conditions of soil and climate that allow greater security of production and better adaptation to customer needs.

Our family atmosphere at the farm has curated a fun-loving culture that is warm and welcoming which in turn has helped us to be a big player in Ethiopia’s flower export industry.

Call to ask any question  +251 113-200232 | +251 113-728667/68/69
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